Belfast Mill is an unpretentious, authentic and cozy two story establishment. The top floor has recently been renovated and renamed "The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill". There are some outdoor tables in the Latta Arcade walkway which are a great option for people watching, if the weather is nice.

Barry originally came from County Kildare and his partner Bill Carroll is from County Tipperary. The Belfast Mill has been in Charlotte for over 5 years and was voted by Buzzfeed as the best Irish bar in North Carolina. I believe that our other sponsors may disagree.

Belfast Mill is located at 144 Brevard Court behind the Latta Arcade. 

Belfast Mill is not a place to go for loud music or wall-to-wall televisions. It is a place for a pint or a whiskey and to converse with old friends and new acquaintances.

Barry stressed that Belfast Mill prides itself on its friendliness. We found this to be especially true when we initially walked into Belfast Mill and were enthusiastically greeted by someone's dog (they do not serve food). It is a place that will make you feel like a regular even though it is your first time there.

Belfast Mill offers 22 different types of Irish whiskey and the Cotton Room hosts Irish whiskey tasting events. As Barry said, "The most exciting thing about Irish whiskey is its diversity and range of flavors, which is the reason why conducting a whiskey tasting (and attending one) is so much fun."

The Charlotte Irish Connection wishes Barry and Bill all the best and we look forward to many a pint at Belfast Mill.