Goals - Go get them.

Goals –

When we begin to make a plan or look down the road to what may lie ahead, it is often said that without direction, we may never get to where we want to be. To me, this is a very vague term. What is meant by “direction”? Well, in my experience, what is often lacking in the direction analogy is the foundation blocks for progressing towards the desired destination. One very achievable change to make in our everyday lives to help this is goal setting. When I say goal setting, I mean active goal setting, as in writing down what it is, we would like to change or achieve over a certain period of time. For some, they may carry that list with them, for others, it may be in a visible place at the home or office but active goal setting is huge. What we tend to do at large is what I would refer to as passive goal setting. Saying to ourselves or others that “I would live to …. “ and then never really getting round to it. When we are more active in our goas, we are more inclined to hold ourselves accountable to them. Putting a time line in is a good step too. Not to put you under pressure to achieve a goal by a certain time but more to allow you to reflect on what has or has not happened in the pursuit of a goal. Some goals are permanent and should be always in our minds like being a good person, friend or partner. Setting a goal to tell your loved ones that you love them is a great one too. Then other goals are short and long term. I want to lose 5lbs by Christmas would be a short-term goal and I want to get a master degree in computer science by 2028 is a long-term goal. None of these are out of the question and when you actively write them down, you begin to form the plan to reach them. The other part of this is when you really don’t feel like working towards a life goal on a given day, pull out your list of goals, read them and that fire deep inside you will start burning again. Understanding that nothing happens by itself and we must start the ball rolling ourselves, goal setting is a great way to do it. If the date or timeline you have set isn’t reached, that is not a failure, that is understanding that life happens and we must prioritize. When that does happen, reevaluate that goal and write it down again with a new timeline. The future is ours to create and what happens today is not permanent.


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