How are we?

During 2020, a lot has happened and challenged us in ways that we might never have thought about. Stress, loneliness, isolation, fear or even depression can become a very real thing in these times. Thinking about that, we have thought about covering a mental health topic in our news letters. This week we are going to talk about "Our Identity"

Why is my identity important? Well, it is not really our identity that is the issue but it is what our identity is tied to. Often times it is tied to our profession or job, our outlets or what we enjoy. An example being, how many times have you either introduced yourself or been introduced to someone and one of the first things that is spoken about is what you do? It happens all the time. Beyond this, we often tie it into ourselves. I am a plumber. I am a doctor. This becomes difficult when that part of our identity is taken away. Where the balance comes in is when we realize that I am not a plumber, plumbing is something that I do. I am not a doctor, being a doctor is something that I do. What has been thrown off in this pandemic is the balance within our identity. For a lot, our jobs are gone or greatly reduced, for others it is our outlets or passions like going out to watch the game or play with the local team. In all of these areas, our purpose and identity is made and when we have lost purpose and struggle to regain it, this is where we find our balance all out of whack. Here is where we can being to regain some balance. By giving ourselves a purpose. When we had a pre-covid routine, our purpose was often tied to this. Now we have got to try harder to provide ourselves with a purpose. Look at it like this, if every morning we wake up and give that day a purpose, we will begin to ease the difficulty that is there. It can be small like cutting the grass or tidying the front room and it can be a bigger purpose like learning a language or a new skill. It might seem like a small thing but if we do this on a daily basis, the pain and suffering will begin to subside. If something in this clicks with you or you want to chat further about it, please reach out.

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