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Get to Know Us

The Charlotte Irish Connection is driven by the following objectives:

  • Fostering an Appreciation of Irish Culture: Our primary aim is to cultivate a deep appreciation for Irish culture by organizing a diverse array of social, educational, literary, and artistic events.

  • Building a Supportive Community: We provide a nurturing social support network for both Irish individuals and Irish-Americans, as well as anyone captivated by Irish culture.

  • Promoting Cultural Integration: We strive to facilitate the seamless integration of Irish immigrants into American society, enabling them to embrace their heritage and cultural identity while becoming active participants in their adopted homeland.

  • Enriching Charlotte's Cultural Landscape: Through our activities, we actively contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Charlotte and its surrounding communities, fostering a richer tapestry of cultural experiences for all.

Our Mission

  • ​To promote an appreciation of Irish culture through social, educational, literary, and artistic activities.

  • ​To serve as a social support group for Irish and Irish-Americans and anyone with an interest in Irish culture.

  • ​To facilitate the assimilation of Irish immigrants into American society while retaining their heritage and cultural identity.

  • ​To contribute through its activities to the cultural activities of Charlotte and surrounding communities.

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