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The Charlotte Irish Connection is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization that values diversity and is open to all people regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation and our focus is to organize and promote Irish cultural activities within the Greater Charlotte area. Join us


All proceeds went the development of the Charlotte Irish American Center (CIAC) whose aim is to showcase and celebrate excellence in sport, history, art and the culture of Irish-Americans and those of Irish descent. 

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                     Charlotte Irish Connection (CIC)


                        Child Protection and Welfare Policy


The following policies and practices are being formally adopted by the CIC Board and will be included in the CIC Bylaws at its next AGM.


  1. In general the CIC Board will promote the welfare, health, development and safety of children at all of its events and functions.


  1. The CIC will adopt and apply a safe method of recruiting and selecting volunteers to help manage CIC events. In particular the volunteers who organize and engage in children’s entertainment and sporting activities will be well known to and approved by the Board in advance.


  1. At CIC-associated festivals and events where families and children are encouraged to attend, children specific events will be confined to areas specially designated for these events.


  1. When alcoholic drinks are served at CIC functions and festivals, only professional bar staff over the age of 21 may be allowed serve alcoholic drinks.


  1. No one adult volunteer (approved or not) may be allowed in the company of children without at least another approved adult volunteer being present.


  1. Police background checks will be requested for new and unknown volunteers who may be engaged with children.


  1. Note that the above will apply equally to staff of CIC if and when we reach the point in our development when staff will be hired.


  1. A CIC director will be designated as the Child Welfare  Liaison Officer (CWLO) to liaise with all relevant outside parties/agencies on behalf of CIC. This director will also be a resource to members and others who may have child protection and welfare concerns. This designated director will also be responsible for reporting allegations/concerns of child abuse to the relevant authorities including the police.


  1. The CIC Board will notify its membership that these policies and procedure have been formally introduced by the CIC Board and are to be regarded as an integral part of CIC Bylaws.


Allegations of Child Abuse: The following procedures will be followed if allegations of abuse against volunteers or employees are made:


  • The CWLO will be notified immediately and in turn bring the allegation to the attention of the CIC President and the CIC lawyer.


  • The CIC Insurance company will be notified immediately.


  • The party making the accusation will be asked to make the allegation formally in writing.


  • The accused individual and the local police department will be notified in writing of the accusations made.


Procedures for responding to Accidents: It will continue to be standard operating CIC practice to:


  • Ensure that there is a first aid kit available at all family events where children’s activities are being organized. Someone trained in at least the basics of administering first aid assistance must also be present.


  • When major outdoor CIC-associated events are held (e.g. festival) additional special provisions must be made and a medically qualified person such as a nurse or doctor should be present.

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