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Learn about what we do to serve the CLT Community


The Events Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing a diverse range of events throughout the year. This includes cultural festivals, concerts, workshops, and other activities that celebrate Irish heritage and foster community engagement. The committee works diligently to create memorable experiences for our members and the community at large.


The Communications Committee focuses on managing internal and external communications for the Charlotte Irish Connection. This involves coordinating social media presence, website updates, newsletters, and promotional materials. The committee ensures effective communication to keep members and the public informed about our organization's activities, news, and opportunities.


The Membership Committee is dedicated to attracting and retaining members within the Charlotte Irish Connection. They develop strategies to increase membership, engage current members, and provide valuable benefits to enhance their experience. This committee actively works to strengthen the sense of community among our members.


The Community Service Committee embodies the spirit of giving back. They organize and facilitate community service initiatives, partnering with local organizations to contribute to the broader Charlotte community. This committee aims to promote philanthropy and create opportunities for our members to make a positive impact beyond our organization.


The Golf Committee oversees the planning and execution of golf-related events and tournaments organized by the Charlotte Irish Connection. Golf enthusiasts within the community come together to enjoy friendly competition, networking, and camaraderie. The committee ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants, promoting the sport and fostering connections.


Each committee plays a vital role in contributing to the goals and mission of the Charlotte Irish Connection, enriching the experiences of our members and enhancing our impact on the community.


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